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It isn't is full of rehashes and reboots and can leave some room for desire...but it isn't going anywhere. As long as movies are made, the horror genre will be around. The horror forums here are definitely in a severe coma of sorts though, that much is for sure... I still can't believe i've been on this damn board for 10 years roughly! (and I'm only 24). Maybe i'm biased, but even if they do jump back up a bit, nothing will top how kickass these forums were back from 2002-2005. Literally nonstop posting, every 5 minutes you could log back in and find a handful of replies in every forum, creative and intelligent discussion always, almost feeling you were personal friends with some fellow board members etc.,

BUT... we all should try to out-do it! haha. Got to have faith. Not sure why exactly it happened, but I definitely don't remember this section ever being this slow.
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