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You aren't alone on that one....there has been about 5 or 6 movies to really grab me and entertain the hell out of me in the genre, over the few years... Hatchet 1 & 2, The Feast trilogy, Laid to Rest and the Hostel films.... there may be some I am missing out on off the top of my head, but besides that I just can't find much build up for anticipation anymore. Sometimes I wonder if it is due to getting older? Being a 12 year old and 16 year old horror geek was a lot different, and I think the age/times played a role too. Funny as it may sound too, I think the age of cinema plays a factor too. Everybody just streaming and downloading movies have changed the aspects of things.

I've reached this area in my movie-going, where I generally have just been latching on to the older films I already know and love, and when I DO branch out to see some new stuff, they are still older...I still have some old school horror I've yet to ever see, so rather then build up interest in a new Saw or Scream 4, I go and check out Tombs of the Blind Dead or New York Ripper for instance.

The more I look into these boards though, it is more-so the whole entire forum, not JUST the horror in my opinion, but the horror section is more of a ghost then any. I think some of the big time top contributors have grown up and went off to battle reality more-so. I definitely faded from these boards up until a week or so ago I have begun posting more often. Who knows.
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