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His blocking.

IMO though, had Donald Brown panned out the way they thought when they drafted him, I doubt Joe would have been brought back.
Yeah he's a great blocker, but the fact that they drafted Brown led me to believe they were souring on Addai. And since then, although Brown has pretty much sucked, Addai hasn't exactly tore it up. I figured they'd just sign a free agent running back at this point, but I guess not.

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Because the Ravens are a hard-hitting team who want receivers that will block. That is why they picked up Boldin last year because he is not afraid to hit and be hit.
Perhaps, but it doesn't change the fact that their offense has very little explosion.

I should've also added the Bears as a team that could've used him. They were just in the NFC Championship Game a year ago. A guy like Moss would've helped their chances of getting there again this season.

But now I'm hearing Moss wanted a multi-year deal, which is probably why there was a lack of interest among contenders.
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