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Seeing how little conversation on this Forum really got me to thinking about the anticipation and quality discussions that once took place on these very Boards. (Hard to imagine, I know!) I was going to open a Thread about whatever upcoming splatter flick was topping headlines, but what is this? There doesn't seem to be any! This leads me to my question, and the title of this Thread. Do you Schmoes believe the Horror Genre as we know it to be dying?

Personally, I feel it is (fatally?) crippled and struggling to keep on its feet. I think that there are a few grand pictures to seep through the cracks of the latest WB remake, but the genre's really gonna have to step it up! I mean, I think that the fans' faith has died long ago - as in years ago - and we've got a lot of catching up to do if we plan as a genre (and community here on the Boards) to keep Horror up and running.

What says all of you!?
I think we've got some quality movies upcoming. Yeah, Romero is "dead", he's lost his touch, but there is plenty to be excited about. Just...not this year I guess.

I mean there is going to be a sequel to Friday the 13th at some point, no way around it, it was too successful to spin its wheels in limbo forever. That'll be huge around here.

28 Months Later ought to pop up one of these days, and World War Z should be pretty huge.

I think the horror genre goes through these dips where PG13 "horror" such as Twilight is big, and no one wants to take a chance with the R rated stuff. Then something like Scream comes along and makes R movies sound cool again.

I have faith we'll see horror rebound, we're just stuck in a plateau right now. Saw 12 and crap like that has soured the public, which it really is their own fault for going to Saw 1-11.

And Rob Zombie. I honestly think he ruined a lot of people's expectations of quality horror with his Halloween abominations. That fact he was allowed to shit those out with major studio backing kind of felt like a betrayal to movie goers. I mean no matter how bad a movie is in a theater, it is rarely so bad as the crap Zombie makes.

And I think he had the last great discussion on this forum--the vitriol between us Halloween haters and the three people in the world who liked it.

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