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I was really drunk Saturday night and actually WAS being a crybaby, I can see now. I think the fight could have gone on, but I can also easily see why Herb Dean stopped it. It looks to me like Fedor was actually out for a second or two, and that's when Herb started moving to stop it. That Fedor snapped back and turned over before Dean even got between them isn't his fault, he was justified in stopping it. It still irks me though. I dig Hendo and am glad for his win and all, but I'm just a little heartbroken over what's happened to Fedor in the last year or so. I think you guys are right in that he needs to go to a real camp, or switch weight classes, or do something radically different if he opts against retirement. And in spite of it all, I still hope he keeps fighting.

Anyhoo, truly shittacular UFC card coming up Saturday. Rashad / Tito as a main event, lulz. I kinda feel for the UFC when this stuff happens, when injuries and such lead to a card this horrible. I know they can't cancel or anything this late in the game but goddamn, I wish they could do something to make it seem more worth the money. Have Arianny do a halftime strip show or something. Other than the main event, which is just okay, and the co-main of Belfort / Akiyama which I actually think is a more exciting fight, there's nothing on this one. I think Rashad's gonna put a quick end to Ortiz's little post-Bader revival, probably by taking a decision. Also I got Belfort to knock out Akiyama in the second.
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