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Our neighbours are bona fide headcases...

They seem to leave a bebe crying from 6am or thereabouts...sometimes until near lunchtime, their older childlings spend at least 75% of each day bouncing about on a skanky old trampoline in their back garden...and the parents have a habit of dumping random shit including a mattress, several tub bins, shitloads of oranges and pineapples and other delights slap bang outside our back gate/access to parking.

They play the shittiest chart offal offensively loud whilst the 'lady' of the house caterwauls along like she's auditioning for X Factor, I've heard them call the wee ones colourful names like "bitch", "bastard" and "cunt"...and this one time they had the barefaced cheek to wander into my back garden on a sunday morning in order to access a manhole and actually rap-tap-tap on my back window like that's a perfectly normal thing to do...(our cat had just died and this led to my 3 year old thinking he must be outside trying to get in...twats).

Of course they're too rough to actually approach and I totally haven't reported them to Social Services *nudge, nudge*.
They sound like darlings.

I don't envy you. And good for you for totally not reporting them to Social Services. *nudge, nudge*
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