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While the prose is typically dry, and the characters lacking much depth, Mary Shelley's gothic classic has a few nuggets of valuable insight much more appealing to the reader (or me) than the plot of the novel itself. Despite the claims in the introduction of the book, of course the infamous operation which takes place in this novel is not scientifically possible. Nothing brain dead could be given intelligent life, but there are few plot-holes for the reader to dig their fingers into and those which there are do not affect the plot too intimately.

I can see the appeal of the story, and how to some Frankenstein's miseries of life and pursuit of a female companion could be a literary anthem, but Frankenstein never quite lives up to its reputation. Perhaps I'm just a hater of the gothic era (Poe is monotonous and lacks both taste and style), but Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a solid 2.5/4 to me.
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