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Lulz at "K-1 Demian Maia," I like that. That'd be a good fight, him and Vitor, but I think Belfort takes it rather easily. Seems to me the only things Vitor has to worry about are wrestlers and Anderson Silva. I think Yushin Okami's got a legit chance at beating Anderson later this month, and if that happens oh my gosh it would be the best thing possible for the MW division. I love that we've had this undisputed king for five years now (!), but imagine how wide open things will be if he gets unseated by Okami. That would be some exciting shit. What would they do with Anderson? Immediate rematch? Or would they let the winner of Sonnen / Stann have a crack at it first? That's all probably wasted musings, since Anderson Silva will probably win, but Yushin's got a chance and it's damn exciting to think about.

As far as last night, it was a decent card I guess but it could've done with an upset or two. Nothing really unexpected happened. I was amped up when Tito was going for that guillotine too, but it didn't take long for that to get completely deflated. I knew as soon as he lost that choke that the fight was gonna end before the third. Still, yeah, I agree that Tito should get another big fight soon. Vitor winning that way was outstanding. What happens next with him is almost entirely dependent on what happens in Rio.
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