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^ agree fully.

I thought Green Lantern was ok, but nothing special. The Change Up i plan on checking out this week.

I really do wonder how much Critical Response does play into these movies?

Does the average joe movie fan check Rotten Tomatoes to see how "Fresh" a movie is?

This weekend has me a bit upside down in terms of my predictions, as the movie i thought was going to tank, was number 1 and exceeded expectations by over 20 million, and the movie i thought would be a hit, tanked!

But this is just one of those weekends that align with the critics, because a lot of times the number 1 movie is not align with critical response, it isn't until the second weekend that you start to realize the critics MAY have been right.

The fatigue factor will come into play next week though, if 30 Minutes or Less tanks, because as of now the movie is getting good reviews, but it is an R rated Comedy. But who knows, maybe Final Destination 5 will open at number 1, those movies are always front loaded. Of course the surprise number 1 could be The Help, which has Surprise Hit written all over it. (A movie for Woman with a predominately black cast, that actually looks good, and i am a white dude!)
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