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BD is currently the best place to discuss anything horror related even if there are a couple of horror goons that frequent that site and the fact that they seem to ban people simply for stating opinions in that place, they must be a thin skinned lot over there.

I still can't deny it's just about what the horror forums used to be on Joblo for a brief moment in time. I would say from 2002 to 2004 the horror boards on Joblo were vibrant, dynamic, informative and comprehensive, from what i recall. That was the high point for me although it was still viable up until at least 2007.

Then for some reason it slowly died out as certain members just faded away.

They discuss every horror movie imaginable on BD and it's where i discover some hidden gems now, that's how i would find some gems in the past on Joblo.

Now i just browse that section occasionally because days can go by without a new post, at least in current horror, and if you make a new thread for a movie that hasn't been mentioned yet it will quickly collect dust.

If the horror boards on here were what they were in the past i wouldn't feel the need to peruse BD, or at least i wouldn't feel the need to visit that site as often ( i always checked out BD just not as much as i did when JB's horror boards were a cool place to visit ) because right now they can't be beat if horror is what interests you .

The enthusiasm seems to have dwindled on here
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