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Personally i think i've been spoiled from at least 1999, ever since Blair Witch was released.

There have been a number of excellent to classic horror films released since that time and not just Us offerings.

I'll even go back to 1997's Habit as the start of an unprecedented streak of horror goodness. Freak, through Cemetery Man from 1994 in there also.

I would have to think about it a bit but if you make a list of some excellent genre offerings from even the past 20 years, the list would be quite impressive.

Ever see Brotherhood of the Wolf ? Well, you should , it's an amazing film from 2001 made in France. That same director took on the Silent Hill film adaptation in 2005 . Both terrific horror films.

What about some of the string of remakes in the 00s, Texas Chainsaw, Dawn of the Dead, The Crazies, all great films. I even thoroughly enjoyed the Friday the 13th remake.

Rec 1 and 2, great films with part 2 the superior experience in my opinion, my nerves were jangled for 2 days after seeing that film. The American remake was also highly effective as was it's sequel, to a lesser extent.

Paranormal Activity, the first one and it's sequel, both clever takes on the tired ghost story genre and scary also.

Shaun of the Dead, a classic, Hot Fuzz, another potential classic. I'll include the episode of Danger 50,000 volts when they describe how to deal with zombies in my praise of great horror because it was made by Frost and Pegg.

High Tension ( Haute Tension ), reinvigorated the slasher genre and inspired a slew of French horror films in it's wake , most of which were highly effective.

Tale of Two Sisters from S Korea, creepy as all hell. The Eye by the Pang brothers from Hong Kong, let's put it this way, riding an elevator may never be the same experience after you see that film, the entire film is a total creepfest.

The Ring films and the remake, may seem silly now but they were pretty damn chilling at the time.

The Grudge films, liked them all.

Kairo from Kiyosho Kurosawa, it's a master class in suspense, foreboding and one of the most effective apocalyptic films i've ever seen.

Yeah i know, some people hate them but i love the Res Evil series, i haven't been let down yet.

Zombie Diaries, loved it, Diary of the Dead was excellent and Land of the Dead is one of my favorite films in the zombie subgenre.

What about Dark Water from Japan? It's a must see if you enjoy ghost stories.

I'll even chuck in Urban Ghost story from 1998 i think it was, what a heartbreaking film that was with a phenomenal performance from a girl who was starring in her first film.

Yeah, i'm all over the map with this post, i'll make a more comprehensive and coherent one in the future, i just wanted to spout out the fact that we have been spoiled by some excellent horror films for a long time now ( from the early 90s to the present ), i don't see it dying anytime soon, they are out there, sometimes you just have to do a bit of research.

I do have to add one of the most mind numbingly entertaining experiences you could ever hope to have if you enjoy grade z horror, Birdemic, i was never the same after that film, it's a genuine classic of ineptitude.

The Others, awesome "haunted" house film

Lake Placid, Rogue, Piranha 3d for your nature gone wild fix... allright, enough rambling for now
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