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I love that side of the genre, actually! It was one of the sub-genres to really pull me into Horror. My main beef are the surreal slashers genre such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser (great Avy, by the way), Phantasm, or Suspiria, but I appreciate just about every branch of the Horror genre that's out there. I love a good haunted house, as I'm sure everyone around these boards does, but I feel that Paranormal Activity was a gimmick (and a poorly executed one at that - I could clearly tell that this was filmed with actors and such just by all of the cuts and different angles in it) and Insidious was just underwhelming. Those are just my opinions, and I've stated my opinions on them, but I'd love for a great supernatural chiller to come and slap me in the face someday soon!
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