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We still get a great exceptional horror movie from time to time though. Last year we got Frozen and Buried and both of those are great, especially Buried.

Was also impressed with Monsters and much to my surprise since I hated the first film, Paranormal Activity 2.

Although it goes off the rails in the 3rd act, Splice was pretty cool for it's two thirds.

And I REALLY liked The Crazies and Daybreakers. Two very cool, very solid flicks.

That was last year.

2009 had some highlights as well. I may be in the minority but I loved the My Bloody Valentine remake and I think the Friday the 13th reboot is a massive improvement on the original. Then there was Orphan which I thought would be horrible but I actually ended up damn near loving it. Drag Me to Hell is a hell of a lot of fun. Predictable to be sure, but still wicked cool and funny as well. And Zombieland was so much fun too!

2008 was a bit of a down year. I did enjoy The Eye remake with Jessica Alba that I know most people did not like. Not much else of note from that year.

2007 had The Mist and 1408 and Vacancy and 28 Weeks Later and Mr. Brooks and Them (Ils) and Dead Silence and some underrated fare like P2 and The Invasion and The Hitcher remake and the dopey but fun AVP: Requiem.
I really need to see Frozen, I just adore Adam Green's works, and I hear that's his best yet. Splice seems cool, but I didn't like The Crazies much at all. It had a few moments, but it was far, very very far from impressing me. My Bloody Valentine was alright, even though I wasn't too pleased when I first saw it, but the original is one of my favourite slashers so I was touchy at the time, especially with the great unrated release given that year. Umm...Friday the 13th remake, no thanks. You can have Zombievictim vouch for me on that one, because Hell knows we've debated it enough. I haven't seen Orphan, but Drag Me To Hell was the most fun I've had in a theater for a long time, I even went to see it twice! Once with my father and once with three friends, and I rarely go to the theater, let alone see the same movie twice! Zombieland was good too, but I wasn't as enamored with it as many were, but it was a good time. Notgonnalie, I didn't like the Hitcher remake either, but Sophia Bush is a doll.

I hope you don't take this rambling the wrong way, I'm not trying to insult or demean your opinion. I just thought it would be fun to compare them!

Let's see, The Mist was great, and 1408 didn't suck as bad as I thought it would when I first saw it. In comparison to Stephen King's wonderfully tense, claustrophobic short story it pales, but it was a neat watch. I wasn't a fan of the original 28 Days Later, so when I loved 28 Weeks, I was pretty surprised.
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