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I think key injuries to team they play will be the only reason they get to 7-9 facing the NFC East and AFC West they are clearly the last place team in the AFC East

And despite how good the Redskins look with both Beck and Grossman have been so far it's still preseason and I'm still not counting on more than 6 wins
Yeah, I can't see more than 6 wins for both the skins and bills.

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Mark my words, Buffalo will surprise a lot of people this season. They lost a ton of close games last season, and their young guys are starting to develop. This season I'm hoping those close losses turn into close wins.
I have also seen a ton of teams over the years take major steps down after improvements. The Bills are in a tough divison and playing the NFC east. If they are going to win 7 or more, they are going to have to earn it.

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Hey, I'm been saying this about the Lions this year with most people that watch football but have no fucking clue about anything outside of the Patriots and teams such as Jets. I wish my man sreamer581 comes back and defends me on my defense of the Detroit Lions so some nobody that thinks he knows football starts coming in and thinks the Lions will be like the 2008-09 team.
Lions might be pretty good this year. The defense does look improved.

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I could see the Lions being a wild card team this year. As long as Stafford can manage to stay healthy for once that is. They have an above average group of receivers. The rb injury is going to hurt some, but they are still decent at the position. The D line is going to dominate and secondary is decent.

In my opinion the Bills will jump the Dolphins in the division this year, but not do much else.
I am not a Lions fan, but I would like to thank the Cowboys for making that trade for Williams a couple seasons ago. If they stay healthy the Lions look like a team going places.
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