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For me i've been spoiled these last ten years and i can't complain, if anything there are too many interesting horror films to watch. I'm dying to see Eaters, a relatively new zombie film offering from Italy, looks like an awesome homage to those 80s Italo horror films, and i still want to see the last two films Bruno Matei ( Vincent Dawn ) directed, should be delightfully awful .

You know what made some of these films special in the past, i think, was the venue you watched them in.

We always had the mainstream, safe for the masses horror films but it was so great to have a theater that would show unrated or X rated horror films close by when i was growing up.

Nobody would show a film like Evil Dead or Gates of Hell except this theater i used to frequent, it was a joy and an adventure for a young horror fan. There was even a mainstream theater that showed Pieces and Maniac, we don't get that communal experience anymore as fans of horror.

My point is that the means of distribution may have changed but horror is as healthy as it's ever been, you just have to search for what's out there. With all these distractions available today some greatness can be overlooked, i just want one of those cheap theaters to make a comeback so i can watch something like Eaters on the big screen, it would be an event for me, sticky floor, urine smelling, 3 day old popcorn, terrible projection quality and all.

If i had a couple of extra bucks laying around i would open a theater that showed only horror movies, each and every one that was released and i would have midnite shows also, and i would show some of the classics, a different one every weekend. There are a couple places like this but there's simply not enough of them. I would open at 11 am and not close down until at least 2 or 3 in the morning . A popcorn maker would be a must also, freak that bagged bullshit. Hot Dogs ( sold and cooked from a hot dog cart ), candy, nachos, and horror movie memorabilia would also be available for sale

We need to make horror movies the experience it was in the past when we enjoyed the shocks and or the cheese on display with other fellow horror fans and we discovered hidden gems not available at the mainstream theaters
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