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I've seen plenty of SEQUELS that were derivative of their respective films that came before them. I never heard anyone call FRIDAY the 13th PART 4 a remake even though it's basically the same movie as part 2 and 3. Never heard someone call Jaws 2 a remake even though it's pretty much a rehash of the first one.

With that being said, I was initially against making another THE THING as John Carpenter's film is one of my top ten favorite horror films of all time. However the trailer has won me over and I am willing to at least give it a shot. It does seem like it could be derivative but it at least looks like they tried to make a seriously good film. Plus I like the idea of the language barrier creating even more of a feeling of distrust and paranoia.

Besides, the Norwegians gave us the Cold Prey flicks so I am willing to give them another shot!
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