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Fringe: The Complete First Season

One of the coolest genre shows to come along since the X-Files and Lost, and so much more than just the twisted, gnarled offspring of those two hits. Or what I assumed it to be, at first. The first ten or so episodes do kinda fall into a pattern (or the pattern, if you wanna get cute) of case by case, week by week X-Files-esque intrigue, but by the midpoint of the season the overarching storyline about who or what might be behind all the strange phenomena comes into sharper focus. And by the time Jared Harris shows up as mysterious biotech terrorist David Robert Jones, the show finally finds its footing where the episodic and serial elements find perfect harmony. Then it caps it off in true Abrams fashion with a finale cliffhanger that compelled me to jump right into S2. But honestly, that all said, having a show at all is almost irrelevant sometimes – I could just watch John Noble as the eccentric Dr. Walter Bishop tinkering around in his lab for forty minutes at a pop and be thoroughly entertained. Will there ever come a time when I’ll get tired of his sporadic outbursts of pointless but hilarious trivia or him happily munching licorice while probing through human brains? I sincerely doubt it. I also love Anna Torv's Olivia Dunham as the female badass of the group, and unlike Abrams’s other leading lady Evangeline Lilly on Lost, she’s a believable action heroine who I bought up front as a chick who could lay down some serious hurt on someone with some Judo magic. Evey in comparison never could convince me that Kate could kick anyone’s ass. Dunham? I’d say “Yes, ma’am” and avoid eye contact if I got on her bad side.

-> 8/10

Oh, the first season is good but it just gets even better and better as it goes along. Season 2 is awesome but it's season 3 where the show really truly hit it's stride. Season 3 was amazing! And I'm DYING with anticipation for season 4 especially because of season 3 ended.