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The Beaver - 7/10

Finally got around to seeing this. I had read the script back a while ago before it hit theatres, but it never ended up expanding wide enough to play near me, due to its failure at the box-office. One thing is for sure, Gibson gives the best lead performance of the year so far. All jokes about his personal life aside, he really nails the descent from depression to absolute madness. Tonally, I think Foster nailed it better than even the script did. While reading the script I was worried that some of the tonal issues it had would be amplified on screen, but the few comedic aspects that were in the script have been stripped down to give the film a very melancholic tone throughout. Aside from Gibson's performance, Foster is very good, but Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence are terrific and have great chemistry. Their subplot was my favorite part of the script and they really did a brilliant job of bringing that authentic relationship off the page. The film isn't perfect though. The climax is extremely powerful and emotionally draining, but they wrap it up so quickly that it makes it seem like the consequence is less severe than it really is. I realize you have to pander to the mainstream a bit in order to make your money back, but this film was never going to make money so they should have gone a little further with it. Overall though, I really liked it and while the Academy will never have the balls to recognize it, Gibson's performance will surely make my personal list for best leading performance at the end of the year.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - 10/10

Each time I watch this it crawls closer and closer to being my top film from 2000-2009. The Departed still holds the title and probably always will, but this has now surpassed the likes of There Will Be Blood, Requiem for a Dream, No Country for Old Men, among others. It mixes the meditative nature of a Malick film with the paranoia of a Coen Brothers film. A film that strips down the legends and myths of these iconic figures and presents you with the real characters and all of their flaws. An absolute fucking masterpiece.

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