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Old 09-03-2011, 12:03 AM
Finally got around to watching LAST WEEK's Wolverine and Iron Man.

Wolverine has me interested now. I mean, looking at recent adaptaions of X-Men, we haven't seen a cool Cyclops. He's either been too weak, overly emotional, or both. I'm hoping this series gives us a real Cyclops. He's a great character in the comics but has been butchered in the recent movies, X-Men Evolution, and even the otherwise great Wolverine and the X-Men.

Iron Man episode felt out of place, but was still awesome. Love the animation of that show, and I love this version of Tony Stark. That moment at the end when he was sitting on the satellite in space was awesome. For the first time, he wasn't a smug prick. Felt very genuine.
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