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I'm kind of torn on this. Danielle Harris' weak performance aside, I actually thought the 2nd one was more fun than the first so I would have been down for another...

But then I went and watched all the extras on the Blu-ray because I found Adam Green's extra's on Frozen excellent and he ends the Hatchet 2 commentary with an insulting lecture on piracy and why we shouldn't do it. I found it way worse than those stupid "You wouldn't steal a car" spots DVDs were littered with a few years ago.

Now I can understand why a filmmaker would have that stance and want it known, but as a consumer and not a pirate, I find it a MASSIVE annoyance to constantly have anti-piracy messages and morality shoved in my face by a product I paid for.

Hey Mr. Green, little tip for you - people who pirate movies don't usually get a commentary track (and those who downloaded early leaks on the Internet sure as hell aren't hearing what you're talking about) so you're shoving your little gilt trip down the wrong throats and I find that very insulting.

As an avid collector of DVDs and Blu-rays, I own Hatchet on DVD as well Frozen and Hatchet 2 on Blu-ray but I think I'm done purchasing his movies.
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