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Rampage (Uwe Boll, 2009) F
There's no plot, the dialogue is terrible, the camerawork and editing are awful, and the whole concept is just plain stupid. It's almost as if Boll filmed a guy doing what he did after just watching an Uwe Boll movie.
As much as i hate Uwe Boll as the next guy , this is probably the best movie he ever did (and probably will). If i remember my own review , i gave it a 6/10 ... which was me giving Uwe Boll a gold star on his 1st grade report lol. To me , your F is like dishing something because it's cool to do so. That guy deserved at least a D-

on that note .....

Blitz (2010)

I love Statham , one of the last true action hero movie star imo. Well this time he does play yet another badass dude but in a movie trying to keep it real. No "back flip - roundhouse" kick this time , just "beat-you-with-a-pool-stick" type of thing

Actually the premise is pretty good : Violent cop on probation is given a second chance if he catches a serial cop-killer. Yet they try to put too much into this movie ( undercover drugie female cop with an emotional past is a forgettable arc ) . I see what they tried to do and other movies could take a cue . Yet , it didn't feel fulfilling. Nice try tho.