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It's good but I honestly don't get what is so amazing about this movie. It's well made, decently acted and contains some suspenseful moments. Donald Pleasance is the man of course. This movie wouldn't be half of what it is if it not for him. Still, this is far from a masterpiece. It's a solid slasher flick. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not even my favorite movie in the franchise. That would be H20.

When you consider when it came out, it really pushed the idea of suspense. You do not need gore. The music alone draws you in. When I hear the theme my heart beats a little faster. The music is really what helps make the film. Simple, but effective.

Considering the number of copycats that followed, you know Carpenter and Hill did something right.

While I like H20, it just lacks so much that this movie has. There are cues where the Scream music plays, and if they had used the Halloween score it would have played better.

People have different views. That is what makes film so great.
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