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Phantasm: 10/10
Phantasm II: 10/10
Phantasm III: 7/10 (maybe 7.5, I really need to give this one a rewatch)
Phantasm OblIVion: 10/10

I'm a huge fan of this series (it's my second favourite Horror franchise), as my ratings show. I love them all, aside from a majority of pt. III. I really disliked how they gave it an Evil Dead kind of humour and I disliked the new characters introduced. I'm going to rewatch all of these films in the future (in order) and after then I'll pass final judgment. In terms of my favourites, I have to say that I love the other three films equally. I thought that the original was a Horror masterpiece, the second did to Phantasm what Alien's did for Ridley Scott's original, and OblIVion was a sentimental conclusion to the series. I wish that they could have made pt. V, but it looks unlikely as of right now.
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