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Well that's a rather hard comparison to make seeing as how Bad Teacher and Colombiana are nothing like Days of Heaven and The Thin Red Line, but if you want to talk in terms of better accomplishing what they set out to do, then I'd have to say, IMO, yes. Bad Teacher was supposed to be a comedy and it made me laugh with a story that kept me interested. The Thin Red Line (I'm using this as an example because it's been years since I've seen DoH, and I don't remember much about it other than really not liking it) was supposedly a story about the Battle of Guadalcanal, but it meandered so much that the pacing suffered and it never became engaging. Added to that the extremely rambling voice over (you under-emphasized this quite a bit as it's another big problem in Malick's films), and you get a film without much substance. I'm doubting this is what Malick had in mind when he set out to make the film.

I do agree on his films having a beauty that is rarely seen, but on the level of storytelling, Malick has quite a lot of work to do. If it weren't for the beautiful nature of his films, there just wouldn't be much, if anything, to them.

While I didn't really like Colombiana or Malick's earlier films, I wouldn't go so far as to call any of them "trash." It takes a very special film for me to call it that, one where it fails on several levels like Battle: Los Angeles, or to go even worse: The Saw Sequels, Salo, Antichrist, or Caligula.
I can't believe Colombiana got made. It looks like Wanted without the talented cast. Why they thought Zoe Saldana could carry a movie I don't know.

Bad Teacher... I admit, I didn't expect much since the director's last film stunk pretty bad (Walk Hard) and I was still letdown by this. It felt almost like a Bad Santa wannabe. And please, kick Diaz out of Hollywood. Thank You.

Malicks films...I think we both agree that the visuals are great, but I also love the sountracks to his films. The score for TTRL is terrific, and I think the performances are rather good. I know a lot of people complain about how Malicks films meander, but I never get both with them.

Besides, the visuals alone are worth more than stuff like Bad Teacher. A film few will even remember in 3 or 4 years.
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