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well, a release into theaters by outsiders (by that, i mean outside the big type studios of warner bros, new line etc.,) can usually be done purely just with good enough money, so if the people involved had the cash to throw around and out, that pretty much sums up how/why this got such a release as it has.... I know some theater companies offer you the ability to rent out screens and such for home/personal use, so they could've easily done a large bulk buy of that or such, who knows. but in any other scenario this just is insane how wide of a release it got... but i wouldn't complain if it were a GOOD low budget movie, hell..i hope some other low budgets do this to a certain extent. i wish i could see more often low budget horror on the big screen.

the comparisons to hatchet are so ridiculous...obviously those who did such only judged by trailers and plot. hatchet is pure gold compared to this (and in general if you ask me).

i still can't get over how terrible this was, and how much i wanted to enjoy it. the top 15 box office movies for friday came out and it didn't crack that, # 15 made around $250,000... so that = bad news for this movie. numbers are going to be fucking terrible, just like the movie was.
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