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I caught this thread about a week ago, and started thinking about it ..

But strangely enough, I could only remember two cartoons that I watched, and not even religiously.. This didn't make sense to me, what kid doesn't watch cartoons? It's kinda weird, right? So I decided to ask my mom, she has a great memory, and I just had to be wrong!

This is a copy of our Skype convo:

me: Mom, do you remember which cartoons I watched when I was a shortie?
mom: You didn't watch cartoons.
me: .. Can't be, every kid watches cartoons.
mom: You didn't.
me: Mom, seriously, think about it and get back to me, ok?
mom: Hold on, you did watch some science fiction cartoon on a French channel, but that's about it.. I think it was a 'grown up cartoon'..
me: Yeah I remember that one too.. What else?
mom: How many times do you want to hear the same thing? You did not watch cartoons! You were into 'real' stuff from the start, and anything science fiction.. You nagged me for weeks because you wanted to go to the cinema to see "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind", and you were only like 5 or 6 years old.. !!

Okidoki then ..
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