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I could not believe what I saw. The Redskins did not win the game. The Giants lost it. They completely forgot about the run and went pass happy. Eli could not hit a barn 5 feet in front of him. Why they did not take a knee at the end is beyond me. No one could catch the ball. it just seemed like the defense stopped caring, because the offense could not or would not do anything. Reminds me of the several years ago.

I don't want to get all excited about losing the first game of the year, but after a terrible offseason ansd preseason, they needed to win this game. That was not the real Rex. The real Rex will be sitting the bench by game 6.
I know the Giants had a lot of injuries but the Giants got outplayed and badly might I add. The past few years the Giants would run all over our defense a huge difference from the past few years and made huge key plays the Kerrigan INT, the stop on 4th down, block FG.

The Giants also took a couple stupid penalties the hit on Fred Davis that would have been 4th down and forced the Redskins to punt instead the Redskins would end up scoring a TD to go up 28-14

As good as Rex Grossman played spreading the ball around even with the all the pass rushes the Giants were still putting up the defense deserves a huge credit for the victory.

The Giants get a beat up Rams team next week they better win that because they have the Eagles the week after. 0-3 is possible
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