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THE SIMPSONS - The Principal and the Pauper (Season 9) - Principal Skinner, a character that we had known since the first season of the show is revealed to be a fraud. Ridiculous plot but what's worse is that this was really the first episode of the show I had watched where I just didn't laugh AT ALL. That's pretty common now but it was surprising to me at the time how off the mark it was. There were still some good episodes after it but this is really the one that signified, more than any other episode, the decline that was soon to come. I still continue to watch each and every episode, and while I do feel the show has rebounded from it's dark era (Seasons 10-15), it has never really come close to it's former glory. Well thats all for now GOoD JOURNEY my fellow schmoes.
That was the shark jumping moment for them. But, the moment that I realized The Simpsons weren't good anymore was when I only laughed two times during the first 5 episodes of Season 12. Thankfully, it got good again in the last five years. Not prime good, but still has some hilarious shit and is better than 80% most comedies on TV.
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