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Young People Fucking (2007)

Well who said canadian cinema is dead ? ( yeah that was me , my bad ). Despite the title that sounds like an amateur porn tape , the movie is actually a very decent comedy about sex. It's the story of 5 couples ( the friends , the exes , the 1st date , the roomates , the couple ) having a sexual relationship on a tuesday night but unlike most sex comedy of late , this one keeps it more mature and dialogue oriented. Is it funny ? Fuck yeah! Is there any fart joke or scenes about losing one's virginity to an apple pie ? Fuck no!

The acting is really good but the strenght of the movie relies on the dialogue and there's a lot of it. Sure , we get to see some boobs and some dude asses ( yes i wish i had Callum Blue ass btw , no homo ) . The pacing is also really good since they divided the movie into 6 parts : Prelude , Foreplay , Sex , Interlude , Orgasm & Afterglow.

Not saying this movie is for everyone's liking but i liked it a lot.

Favorite scene : the dirty talk ..... can't say more ... really!