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Got it all here!

I got the humongous version of iPod but it still can keep up with me.
I've got the black one though the memory's been corrupted somehow.
I can still use it.
Its got songs I like playing throughout my day.
Right now, the next six songs on shuffle are as follows:

1. California KingBed by Rihanna.
- Really like this song makes me really mellow.
2. Somebody to Love by Usher ft. Justin Bieber
- I just love this song though I'm not into the Bieber fever.
3. Complicated by Avril Lavigne
- Yup. Still got this on my iPod.
4. Everything by Michael Buble
- He's so adorable! I like his songs!
5. What's Going On by All Stars
- I downloaded this with Fast to remember 9/11.
6. ET by Katy Perry
- I like this song of Katy because it's edgy.

Most of my songs are RnB but it still depends on my mood what I like putting on iPod.
Oh btw, in case you're asking, I got this songs by downloading them with Fast
Here's the site:
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