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Scary thought.
Not mine. This comes from Mike F on NY 660am

If the Colts tank and keep Peyton off the whole year, they could have Luck be the back up for a couple years like what Green Bay did. Could happen. I know I am going to keep the Colts losing in the confidence pool.
Possible but looking at that team they have way more problems especially on defense that I think should take bigger priority in fact if they end up with the top pick I think if I were them I would consider doing what the Redskins did at this draft and just repeatedly trade down in the first few rounds and aquire more picks to help improve the team.

Luck would be great but they need major help on defense and Luck like other top possible draft picks aren`t no sure thing to make it(Carr, Harrington, Jamarcus Russel, Alex Smith, Brady Quinn)

I`m sure there`s a few others in there too
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