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This is someone who finally understand foreign policy and not some pretend anti-war but pro-war politicians such as Obama or "kill all the browns" politicians such as Rick Santorum. I swear if we only listen to him and Kucinich for foreign policy advice we wouldn't spend all the money on our troops getting killed because of the bullshit internationalist foreign policy's that have been harming Americans for some time now. And then we got Bachmann who thinks the Russians are still the Soviet Union and Santorum who will continue the Neo-Cons foreign policy of going into the Middle East and destroying what shit they have over there. We need a change in the way we present ourselves as the rest of the world will keep hating us for going into war in every country. Only Ron Paul and few Republicans believe we should not go to war but the machines/the establishment won't listen to them. The Democratic party is only anti-war when it comes to Bush but not when it comes to Obama. Look at Nancy Pelosi for instance. Before she became speaker of the house, she criticize the leading up to Iraq War. Since becoming speaker from 2007-2010 and then being the minority leader, she has turned her support to the wars and supports Barack Obama garbage foreign policy that isn't any different then George W Bush policy was. If only we had all George McGovern's/Eugene McCarthy's in the party now...

One thing for sure. When it comes to special interest, Isreal, corruption, and war, both parties are basically the same on the issue. Why I'm voting third party/write in for president next year? The two parties have no one I can truly support to my heart.