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Is that a Cold Play remix ? What album is this from coz its not on any of the 3 official cd.
One of the UK radio stations - Radio 1 - has a weekly event called the Live Lounge where a band comes in and performs live covers of a few songs of their choice. Pendulum did an absolutely astonishing version of Coldplay's Violet Hill a while ago, listen here and enjoy:

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I love Pendulum. They encompass all the style i like in 1 band and they cleverly tap in old classic for live performances.

Using Master of Puppets as an intro for Slam was brilliant :

I missed the only performance in Montreal they did because it was a Linkin Park show opener @ Bell Center ( big stage for a big crowd clearly not there for Pendulum )
I'm not a massive fan but they have a couple of great songs and they're certainly something different. Sucks that you missed the performance, they're supposed to be a real experience live. Hopefully they'll crop up at a festival near you one day.
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