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I don't get why a music genre would bother you guys, though? I mean, you obviously don't like every genre out there, I'm sure you don't own any Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber albums. Dubstep has an audience, you don't seem to be a part of that audience. What's the problem?
For me it comes down to subject matter or lack there of for me to dislike and actual genre. The only 2 for me that fall into this category would be Country and Hip Hop cause their song seem to always be about the same shit. country is all about heart break and hard times and Hip hop is all about partying every night and fucking chicks.

Now i know that not all the songs in these genres are about these narrow field of subjects but it's become a sort of stereotype that (at least what is played on popular radio for these genres) makes it seem like that is all there is.

Hip Hop really annoys me sometimes cause some of it is so lazy. For a type of music that is essentially 2 parts, the beat and the lyrics, there is way too much repetition and you get something like 30-40 second of a 3 minute song where they are just repeating the same 2 or 3 words. Its like filler or something. But then you get guys like Drake who seem to put at least more though into his lyrical content.

Anyways, as per the thread subject, I to this day have no idea what the fuck Dubstep actually is. I know its a type of music that is popular in the clubs (a scene which i avoid like the plague) but that's about it.
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