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That's terrible!
I'd probably go insane if that happened to me. Or I'd just quit the job!
Yeah, I can see where Drake would stand out amongst the crowd on the Radio. I do give him credit for trying to be lyrical. Because now days most rappers, mainly the mainstream ones, don't even try to be lyrical.
Drake get's a lot of his style from old school rappers who were very witty and use a lot of wordplay.
I personally don't find him to be nearly as witty. But at least he tries
Lil Wayne is the worse of the two though. He tries to do rock and ruins that too lol.
But that's what i'm say'n I have no idea how Drake stacks up to the greats but these days he's heads above a lot of the garbage that's out in the mainstream.

And sry again for this rap discussion inthe dubstep thread
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