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So Deangelo Hall said he will attack Tony Romo's ribs and apparently he's getting flack for it. Here's the thing which is you know something that you never hear is someone who is actually honest because if you don't think when a player is hurt and they aren't going out to attack that injury please.

The only problem is that he said what I'm sure other players on the defensive side do.

What do you want him to do say he's going to attack his knees, legs or anything else.

BTW I'm not condoning intentionally hurting him or anybody but if Romo wants to play with cracked ribs and a punctured lung then go for it considering how agressive the Redskins D has been the first 2 games I will be surprised if he lasts the whole game

And just because Dallas has Miles Austin, Dez Bryant(looks like he will miss this one) their starting CBs out and Felix Jones hurt doesn't mean they get my sympathy either. No one was doing that for Green Bay last year

It just seems if the Redskins win this game no matter how the excuses will be the Dallas injuries

BTW Not jumping on the bandwagon at 2-0 but I will at 3-0 with some easy(it appears that way) games coming up after this
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