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The Bloody-Disgusting forums are some of the worst I've come across and I've been to MANY forums over the years.

Their members are all assholes (maybe not all of them but EVERY single one I came across was) and that forum is the main reason I came over to Joblo a couple years back.

I refuse to even go there for Horror News now just because of that forum and the way it is run. For all Horror News/Updates I either come here or go to (which is much more organized and Ryan does a great job of running it, really cool guy too).

One of the great things I love about the Joblo forums is the overall respect everyone has for eachother here. You don't have to like every member, but everyone seems to keep their opinions about other members to themselves (much like myself), at least from what I've seen. Now I mainly post on the Horror forums here and there's a great group of schmoes over there but I've been here long enough to know that that's pretty much how it is all around the boards...and that's really how it should be.

Also, with many sites, the 'vet members' seem to think they're some form of Gods by having a join date earlier then yours (eg. Bloody-Disgusting members), but with the Joblo members, that is not the case. All the vets here on the horror boards at least really made me stay by being very helpful and welcoming. Not gunna say names but hopefully these awesome people know who they are.

So yeah, you guys rock and even though my overall experience on the bloody-disgusting boards was really made me appreciate these boards more.
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