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Saying that you don't see much of the monster in The Thing is like saying you don't see much of the lightsabers in Star Wars. Freaking. Nuts.

By the way, the original Thing had several jump scares. They're not a new invention, just a familiar one, and the actual problem that tends to annoy viewers is that some movies use them for false alarms. See Insidious for an example of how excessive jump scares can actually be really scary.
Yes, you see the Thing a lot in the original. I don't believe I said anywhere in my post that you don't. I said that I saw the Thing more times in the trailer for the prequel than I did in the entire original Thing. That may be a slight over exaggeration.

Theres the initial dogs scene in the original thing. Theres the scene where they operate on the dead guy and his head comes off and becomes a spider thing and what not. Plus his body does all this other cool weird shit.
Then theres the scene where they test blood and the guy shoots up to the ceiling. Then theres the end of the movie where you see the giant thing.

Thats 4 scenes. All done incredibly well. All awesome and memorable. In between those scenes there was this whole trust politics going on. There was a lot of suspense in those in between scenes.

In this redband trailer, I saw what looked to be at least just as many individual scenes showing 'the thing'. Seeing as they probably won't show EVERY thing scene in the trailer, I'm guessing there will be even more in the movie itself.

Which leads me back to my post.

Obviously I don't know how the movie will play out. I haven't seen it yet. But from the trailer, it looks like they're taking the modern mainstream horror flick approach.
And that approach is, show the monsters a lot, and kill a lot of people in gruesome ways, and rely solely on jump scares.

In the original thing, I remember maybe 2-3 scenes of jump scares. However, there was lots of suspenseful scenes that had no jumps to speak of. That's part of what made it so great for me.
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