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I still feel BD is the premiere site to discuss horror, and not just new releases, their enthusiasm over there for some obscure films that wouldn't even get a second look on JB's horror forums and the members seemed to be passionate about the horror genre overall.

I never experienced the gang mentality that some people are saying they witnessed, at least not personally but i have seen some people get into hissy fits if they don't agree with what someone posts, that's okay by me, it's a horror forum not a parenting forum.

I do have to say it again though, the horror forums on here were very active at one time, it even rivaled BD, somewhere along the way certain popular members stopped posting .

There was a healthy female contingent that would engage in contentious discussions about their favorite horror films and it added a nice flavor to the proceedings because you were getting all sorts of opinions, then they stopped posting, and JB was the lesser for it. Maybe the women had something to do with the healthy activity at one time, i don't know, but i'm sure it was the rise of other websites to distract people that had something to do with it also.

Sorry if i'm getting a bit redundant, you just had to be there at the time to understand just how exciting the place was.

I don't know but FB and those other venues where you can get your horror fix to varying degrees just pale in comparison to a healthy, dedicated, horror forum
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