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I don't personally have much against the sound itself of Dubstep, but I agree that it is incredibly lazy and the reason behind its popularity baffles me. I think that it's something easy that could be made on the computer, and sometimes it can actually be catchy, but it's nothing more than the cheap fuck of contemporary musical fads.

Now, I'm going to indulge in going way off-topic, because clearly this Thread is not afraid of venturing out so far. I loathe most radio rock/pop/hip-hop groups and their thoughtless rhymes. This is coming from somebody who enjoys Linkin Park, early Nickelback, and early Paramore. I really don't have anything against the "mainstream," but I contest that which populates it. I don't think we should worry about becoming mainstream, but rather cleaning out all of its pollution. I think that there have been a great many of "mainstream" artists who have done great things and have remarkable melodies/lyrics. I would most certainly consider David Bowie an example of this. It's just utter trife that is Lil Wayne, and that is Hannah Montana and Theory of a Dead Man. We need to take the mainstream back, man!
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