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There are way too many great Criterions of course, with more coming out each month that add to the greatness. So it's nigh impossible to have an accurate top 5 or top any list of essential Criterions, especially since the list is bound to be subjective.

With that said though, if someone was to put a gun to my head and ask me to list the top 5 essential Criterion DVD/Blus one should own, I'd say, in no order,

Days of Heaven (because you won't find a better looking film)
The Rules of the Game (because the influences of its technique and script can still be found today)
Fanny and Alexander Box Set (because it's the best drama from one of the true masters of cinema)
The Seven Samurai (because it's the most entertaining film made from another true master)
8 1/2 (because you won't find a better film about film)

It helps that all have excellent special features, most can be found on Blu Ray (for Days of Heaven, that's pretty much essential) and all hail from different corners of the world which gives you an overall picture of world cinema.

Of course, there's too many to mention (like Vampyr, Children of Paradise, M, Breathless, Rashomon, The Seventh Seal, Bicycle Thieves, Wages of Fear, Au Hazard Balthazar, and so so many more) that are deserving of the top five.
Ah yes, many of the ones you mentioned are among my favorites. I haven't seen Fanny and Alexander yet, but I can't wait to. I'm glad I managed to get Battle of Algiers and Days of Heaven on bluray. I also got Kiss Me Deadly on bluray, and haven't seen that one yet.
Is Kiss Me Deadly any good?

I look forward to the release of 12 Angry Men later this year. And the second round Barnes and Noble Criterion sale. Seeing as I only have about 30-40 Criterions, I have a ways to go.
How is the 400 Blows Criterion release?
I have been reluctant to by it because I have the Fox Lorber 400 Blows release.
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