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What a week 3 all the 1:00 games were one score game right down to the end really exciting.

- first off Buffalo 3-0 impressive and great game you got my attention now the game on Oct 30th is even more exciting

- Detroit 3-0 too coming back from 20-0 to win while can the Vikings keep a lead like seriously

- Houston and New Orleans became a shootout it doesn't look like any team can compete with the Saints in a shootout except the Packers speaking of which

- Packers 3-0 they are still the best team in the NFL

Now onto the whine of the week Michael Vick of the greatest collection of overhyped talent of all time team got hit and broke his hand and whines to the media of not getting the calls well

Oh btw Matt Ryan took a helmet to helmet hit that wasn't penalized and he didn't bitch about that so booo fucking hooo
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