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Absolutely hated the second game. They pulled a Resident Evil 4 on the franchise after 1 game. Where did the atmosphere, scares, claustrophobic, helpless feeling go? Man did part 2 let me down. Endless waves of necromorphs, high powered weapons, and a open atmosphere, does not a Dead Space make.
Well the franchise is only 2 games deep so I guess 50% of Dead Space games are like that. Anyway I thought it was similar enough to the first game without being a carbon copy. While there were larger swarms of enemies that attacked you at once, you actually ran into conflict a lot less often. Whereas Dead Space you'd fight 1-2 enemies per room, in Dead Space 2 you fight 8 enemies every 5 rooms.

The atmosphere was just as creepy and really appreciated that most of the conflict was internal, with Issac being forced to confront the guilt over his wife's death. This video game was really dealing with some heavy themes that would be more at home in a serious psychological drama. I feel like Dead Space 2 was one of the most ambitious survival horror games in years, and for me it succeeded.

The multiplayer was surprisingly fun and addictive. It really blew RE5 versus mode out of the water.
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