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Ah yes, many of the ones you mentioned are among my favorites. I haven't seen Fanny and Alexander yet, but I can't wait to. I'm glad I managed to get Battle of Algiers and Days of Heaven on bluray. I also got Kiss Me Deadly on bluray, and haven't seen that one yet.
Is Kiss Me Deadly any good?

I look forward to the release of 12 Angry Men later this year. And the second round Barnes and Noble Criterion sale. Seeing as I only have about 30-40 Criterions, I have a ways to go.
How is the 400 Blows Criterion release?
I have been reluctant to by it because I have the Fox Lorber 400 Blows release.

I didn't see Kiss Me Deadly, and you should get 400 Blows, it's excellent on Criterion (from what I can remember, it was just a rental for me and I'm personally not a huge Truffaut fan but if there's any movie I'd get by him on Criterion, it's 400 blows).

Oh and wait for Fanny and Alexander on Blu Ray, it's a spectacular looking film.

Next B&N Criterion sale is 21st Oct - 7th Nov so start saving
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