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Gonna go ahead and list my 5 favorite Nas songs, and why.

1. What Goes Around - From the album, Stillmatic - I love everything about this song. The lyrics are classic Nas. Nothing wrong with them. Not his best, but nothing wrong with them. The subject matter is Nas at the top of his form in my opinion. The beat is spot on, and memorable. I can listen to this song over and over.

2. It Aint Hard To Tell - From the Album, Illmatic - I think this is Nas's most technically proficient song. The way he rhymes, and flows is just perfect in this song. Plus I love the sampled beat. Nothing wrong with that either.

3. NY State of Mind - From, Illmatic - You could almost pick any song from Illmatic, and it'd be excellent. But for me, this is the song I always think of when I think of Illmatic. It's very descriptive, and really represents the whole album.

4. Lifes a Bitch - Feat. AZ, From Illmatic - This song got me into AZ. AZ is the only featured rapper on the album, and that's good because only AZ could really keep up with Nas lyrically. And thats what a feature should be. It should be as good if not better than the main artist. You don't want a feature to slow you down. AZ keeps up with Nas in every way.
Great rhymes, excellent flow, and excellent beat.Also, props to Olu Dara!

5. Black president - From Untitled Album - I always love it when an artist makes you think. And very few artists make me think as much as Nas does. This song may not belong in my top 5. But it certainly shouldn't be missed. One of my favorite songs from the Untitled Album. Plus a great sample from Tupac.
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