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I didn't see Kiss Me Deadly, and you should get 400 Blows, it's excellent on Criterion (from what I can remember, it was just a rental for me and I'm personally not a huge Truffaut fan but if there's any movie I'd get by him on Criterion, it's 400 blows).

Oh and wait for Fanny and Alexander on Blu Ray, it's a spectacular looking film.

Next B&N Criterion sale is 21st Oct - 7th Nov so start saving
Good to know! I asked a guy and B & N the other day and he said "I'm not sure, I think some time in November."

But I'm glad it's starting in October. I'll probably pick up the 400 Blows this time. I considered it during the last sale but ditched it in favor of some criterions that I had never seen before.
I'll probably also pick up a few Kurosawa's that I don't own, and any Melville's that I don't own.

I actually just picked up "Leon Morin, Priest" today from movie stop. It was 19.99. It would have been 29.99 at Barnes and Noble.

Also, did anyone take advantage of the 50% off all Bluray's deals that B and N did about two weeks ago?
I only found out about it on the last day unfortunately. But they were doing a big 1-2 week long sale. Every bluray was 50% off. Even the criterions. Members saved an extra 10 percent.
I picked up a couple. I think 4.
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