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I used to rhyme a few years ago, but I gave it up 'cuz there wasn't much of an audience for my style where I live. Here's some shit I did from around when I was 19/20:

I also play(ed) jazz piano

Anyway, I've been really turned off by most new music, so I haven't listened to the radio/watched MTVBET in YEARS. I only check in with artists that I was already fans of (Nas, Eminem, Wu-Tang etc). I've also been diggin' on mostly underground kats like Apathy, ill bill etc. I don't listen to nearly as much hiphop/rap as I used to, but it will always have a place in my heart
Really enjoyin it. You shouldn't have stopped, you could have had an album going.
If you ever want to start up again, let me know. I can supply you with a couple of instrumentals !

I'm a huge fan of Nas, lookin forward to his new album later this year.
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