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Freindships You wished That you Had kept Over The years

Okay l was wanting to start a thread on freindships to see who have kept in contact and who have not

I had this bestfreind during primary school and highschool and you see we did everything together but lost contact over time but only around five years ago l was having coffee in a cafe and my best freind walked in

We sat and talked about the goodtimes and what we were doing now

She told me that she had cancer and that she was in remission
The cancer she had was in the breast she had that removed and when l saw her last she had just finished her chemo

She was waering a wig to hide her bald head

Anyway she said she was in remission and you see l was able to obtain her email address and we kept in contact for around two years and then lost contact again

I thought she was doing well until a freind saw me walking along the main street of my hometown

She told me about my bestfreind and asked me if l knew that she had died

Well know one told until today and it was a huge shock to know that the cancer had returned

I wish l had not let her go and l wish in hell l had stayed in contact

This woman had four children and we dont have a clue on where they went

I will be viisiting her mum and dad in the next couple of days since the live just around the corner from me

i wish they had let me know
So like l said have you kept in contact with freinds from your childhood or have you let them go
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