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I don't use outta 10 ratings or number.5 ratings. So I'll just do 'em this way:

1. NOES 4
2. Freddy vs. Jason
3. NOES 1
4. New Nightmare
5. NOES 3
6. NOES 2
7. Freddy's Dead
8. NOES 5

I don't consider the "remake" part of the series. While it may have the title, and the supposed character.... It is NOT Freddy Krueger if he's not being played by Robert Englund. I refuse to see the remake. I never have and I never will.

Most remakes I'll give a chance. THIS I'm very adamant about, because Englund IS Freddy, bottom line. You can have anyone in a mask for Michael or Jason. I also feel very steadfast that Doug Bradley IS Pinhead, end of story. Same with Brad Douriff voicing Chucky, those can't and will never be replaced in my mind.
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