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Past Tense

Since were are in the Halloween season (my favorite), this month I'll showcase various themed collectibles. *smile* Week one of 'L.E. Horror' (Limited Edition) kicks off with the exclusive that came with "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride"...

The motion picture opened on September 23rd, 2005. It was made with a budget of $40,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $53 million during its U.S. theatrical run. The film opened number twenty-three at the box office, the following week it rose to number two.

The feature opened against "Just Like Heaven", "Transporter 2", "March Of The Penguins" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin".

The regular release was case only - no slipcover issued, nor insert(s).

- - -

There was only one store which had an exclusive, Wal-Mart. The department store offered a thicker than normal lenticular slipcover that not only accommodated the DVD (widecreen or full screen editions), but also a small, softcover book (96 pages from New Market Press), "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride: The Illustrated Story". As far as I can tell, this was a complete item, not part of a bigger compendium. It retold the story through text and stills. This collectible was sold on January 31st, 2005 for $18.99.

- - - - - - - - - -


This is a tale that would make an excellent addition to the Tim Burton stop-motion film series...

Published in 1991 from Signet Books (now known as Penguin Books) was a 256 page paperback, a murder mystery anthology (ten thrillers) called "Murder At Christmas And Other Stories". A holiday themed collection edited by Cynthia Manson.

One of these fictions is titled "Death In The Christmas Hour" by James Powell. Some back story. During the 1990s I listened to the radio far more than I do now. There were shows I would hunkered down to; one of them was a science fiction and fantasy magazine program called "Mike Hodel's Hour 25" then hosted by Warren James.

Some perspective, this was before internet for me. If you wanted to know movie news, fandom stuff you had publications like "Starlog", "Cinescape", "Femme Fatales" (magazine died in 2008, but will be relaunched next year, allegedly) and "Imagi-Movies" (remember that?). Of course, "Fangoria" and "Cinefantastique" to name just a few. The radio show was an excellent add-on for my fanboy cravings.

Distance makes it fuzzy, but this could've happened in 1997 or 1998, the program's Christmas show. For that broadcast, Warren James read the Powell short. The man had the voice. I still remember that broadcast after all these years. Sorry, each Christmas they read various sci-fi/fantasy themed shorts.

The story...

Every Christmas at midnight, toys come alive for just one hour. They get drunk, party and/or reminisce. This Christmas Hour we follow the toys in a department store which haven't sold. One of them is a Sherlock Holmes action figure... you know where we're going with this. He is helped out of his dusty old box (the figure was put away in storage and became long forgotten) by a teddy bear - his new Dr. Watson. One of the toys is killed, the motive may have been a discovered affair. The body was discarded downstairs where toy crocodiles ate the corpse. One clue leads to another. The mystery comes to a climax - a chase. Holmes pursues the culprit up the store's Christmas tree, some of the ornaments are alive and try to stop the fleeing killer.

It ends with our villain reaching the summit where an angel ornament sits attached. He untethers and threatens to killer her (knife, I believe) if she doesn't take off - an aerial getaway. During this chase the clock tics down, we're coming to the end of the hour. The wrongdoer falls to his death in the struggle with Holmes; both hanging for dear life on the flying angel. The tale ends the following day with both the bear and Holmes bought by a family giving a late Christmas gift. It was an awesome story, it frackin' rocked!!! SCREAMS to be made by Tim Burton.

You may think this is kinda like "Toy Story", but that movie came out in 1995. *nods* In 2000, "Hour 25" left the airwaves of KPFK (90.7 FM; Southern California) and became an internet show, podcast. While doing research, it appears that the program died on January 30th, 2011. No new shows listed. Too bad, I had fond memories of that series.

I need to buy that book.

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